Linen mat Damasco

Linen mat Damasco

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Natural rubber and linen mat with a unique design and maximum comfort.
100% ecological.


Yoga mat Damasco consisting of a layer of natural rubber and a layer of linen.
The natural rubber ensures maximum stability and adherence to the floor during practice.
Linen is an environmentally friendly material with good sweat absorption characteristics.
The linen mat is suitable for all yoga styles, especially for the more static and meditative ones.
Antibacterial, hypoallergenic, odourless, 100% ecological.
It is advisable to wash the mat before the first use and let it dry outdoors avoiding direct heat sources.
After use, you can wash your mat with a damp cloth and neutral soap or with wet wipes.

Carpet strap included.
Dimensions: 183x68 cm
Thickness: 4 mm
Weight: 2,5 K